Luskan Loose Ends – 2015.01.25

Having effectively defanged the official channels by which the Luskans could oppose him, Shao left Neverwinter Castle triumphant. Not only has he eliminated a constant threat, but my Shadow Dragon Triad is now in the particular favor of Neverwinter’s ruler, Lord Nasher – which is a fantastic alternative to being on the city’s hit list for our extensive criminal actions.

Heh heh. Shao’s the new Don Falcone of the Sword Coast.

Also, I’m finally able to remove Sand and Bishop from my active group, which means No More Asshole Companions. And I’ve managed to still maintain Shao’s Lawful Neutral alignment, meaning that our patron deity will continue to allow access to continually more impressive divine abilities.

But wait, what’s this? A wee imp whose friends are being enslaved for experiments by the Neverwinter Mages’ Academy? Well, we’d best help them out!

You have moved 10 points toward Chaotic. Your alignment has changed.


Okay, Shao can still cast spells for now. Fuck, that could have been worse. Might not be able to get any more levels of cleric though, which will suck goblin ass. DAMMIT.

Better do some more lawfully/goodly sort of things then and try to balance this potential shitstorm out. Fortunately, there’s always side quests, like this little girl with the older sister who keeps sneaking off into the city crypts – apparently to get smoochies from the fellas that naturally hang around those sorts of places. Is this the D&D version of Grease or something?

Yes. Yes it is. Except instead of leather jackets and cars it’s more of hooded robes and necromancy. What did you expect? They’re in a fucking crypt.

And my Turn Undead isn’t working very well. Apparently those multiclass Warpriest levels haven’t been advancing my anti-ghoul powers very much. Don’t worry, Shao. I’m sure it’s a very common problem; happens to a lot of guys; not a big deal.

But we did manage to hack through and steal a bunch of interred treasure and kick the shadowy crap out of this underground cult. Suckas. Even stole their grimoire and took it back to Nasher. He’ll “look into it”, which is bureaucratic lingo for “we didn’t program the next step of this quest into the game.”

And then Aldanon gets kidnapped. He’s the dotty old geezer who told us what these silver shards were about in the first place. No one’s sure who took him or where yet, but Shao got a lead on yet another silver shard – apparently the victim(s) of the murders that shut down the Blackgate district in the first place were former caretakers of this artifact. Nasher sends my Shadow Dragons to guard Tavorick, the current holder. Tavorick is apparently just as senile as every other octogenarian in town, and the demons attack that night. Evil extraplanar characters are kind of Shao’s forte by now, though, so a lively curbstomping follows.

So the shard’s safe now, right?

Not on your auntie’s frilly corset bustle, pal.

See, Tavorick was just playacting at the senility gig. He’s actually quite intelligent. So very intelligent, in fact, that instead of keeping the shard on his person, surrounded by eight of Neverwinter’s finest as well as the most kickass street-cleaning organized crime syndicate in recent history, Tavorick decided to pass the shard off to his fake hooker/mistress and let her swan off with it into the dark alleys of the city by herself.

Which is why Shao wasn’t terribly torn up when Grandpa Tavorick the Stupid died of his wounds after the fight with the demons. Instead, the Shadow Dragon Triad tore off toward the brothel in a desperate attempt to get to the shard before the demons discovered the switcheroo. In true dramatic fashion, Shao arrived just too late. Some psycho crystal-bedecked warlock, apparently the demonic commander of the assault, killed Tavorick’s strumpet and teleported away, taunting the gang as he left.

 Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?
 I do bite my thumb, sir, particularly
 at you, sir, and also, to a slightly lesser
 extent, at thy companions, sir, and
 indeed, somewhat, to all of Neverwinter
 in general, sir!

What an asshat. Gee, I wish Aldanon was still around so that he could tell us what to do next. Oh, what’s that you say, Nasher? You’ve figured out that some rogue Luskan wizard kidnapped the old man? And that this “Black Garius” is the one who’s been trying to set Shao up all this time? And that he’s taken up residence in a fortress to the south? I just bet you want me to be the one to do something about this, right?

*cracks knuckles*