These Dataz Speak…

With the PS4 announcement leading the headlines, a few of these bits may have slipped under your radar. Besides, I’m not a huge hardware nerd, so while everyone else freaks out about the verification of the controller layout and the compatibility of the old PS3 games and streaming and online play and all the other details – I’m still poking around at these upcoming analyses of community feedback from Carbine and Bungie.

Obviously it’s way too early for Bungie to be tipping a hand about much of Destiny’s features and elements and whatnot, but they were kind enough to open the inbox and answer a number of basic questions – and a few completely nonsensical ones. Plus, there are awkward photos to laugh at. Yay.

The gang over at Carbine also distilled the data from this past #WSuplink to get a feel for what the community is chattering about regarding WildStar, which appears to be everything, more or less. Seriously. MMO gamers tend to have their favorite little niches of game that speak to them, whether it’s housing, crafting, PvP, raiding… and the WildStar junkies want to know it ALL. Despite the immense variety of choices, though, Carbine seems to be sticking to their basic mantra of “make it fun,” which is really what it’s all about as far as I can tell.

And if you haven’t seen the Second Son trailer for the inFAMOUS series, observe: