Into the city and out again — 2015.01.09

So, kids, little Shao was on a BIG ADVENTURE. Turns out that Neverwinter is a huge metropolis with a great many dark secrets. It’s the perfect place for a dwarf cleric to make his mark. Of course, first Shao had to meet his scruffy deadbeat “uncle” – no blood relation – and then determine how to get access to a restricted neighborhood and talk to a wizard professor about these silver shards that are causing so much trouble.

So Shao joined the ranks of organized crime!

Step 1: Rough up a shopkeeper. Pow!
Step 2: Corrupt local law enforcement. Cha-ching!
Step 3: Burn down a guard barracks. Toasty!
Step 4: Smuggle weapons across town. Booyah!

Shao’s Neutral alignment is swinging wildly toward the Chaotic end of the spectrum by this point. It doesn’t tip completely across the line yet, though. Alignment is borderlined functionless for a great many people in the D&D universe, but not for clerics. See, Shao gets his powers from his deity, and is he’s not following his god(dess)’s rules, it could possibly cause some problems down the line.

At least, that’s what Shao thinks could happen. But before the existential crisis gets too overwhelming, Shao’s crime boss sends the band of miscreants out into the wilderness. The wilderness, if you recall, is where random shit gets totally fucked up so that adventurers can get out of the city and give the citizens some much-needed breathing room.

This time a political emissary from … somewhere … had apparently taken a wrong turning on his roadtrip and would up in orc territory. Probably because orcs are notoriously negligent about marking their property lines. What a bunch of bastards.

Therefore, with falsified letters of introduction from the Neverwinter Ruling Council in hand (courtesy of our friendly criminal element), Shao & Co. charge headlong into frontier warfare, mowing down orcs by the bushel. The Neverwinter Frontier Guardsmen – heretofore referred to as “Greycloaks”, since that’s their actual name which I just now was able to remember – are also led by a dwarf (ye gods, we’re everywhere! Like rats or some shit) named Callum who eventually got us the necessary intel to rescue the lost politico.

By which I mean he more or less pointed at a cave full of orcs and said, “Yeah, those assholes might have the ambassador, and if they don’t you can probably get them to tell you who does if you kill them hard enough.”

Callum’s theories on frontier political negotiation proved correct, and Sir Incompetent Diplomat MacGuffin was ceremoniously escorted back to Neverwinter atop a palanquin of re-purposed orcish anatomy.

And how did the grateful city thank the Shadow Dragon Triad for avoiding a potentially catastrophic foreign policy gaffe? By allowing Shao access to the restricted district, of course.

I think I was just given the D&D version of the key to the city.


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