Intro — 2015.01.01

This marks the first entry into my new Alt+F4 Playthrough Series. It’s been a dead year here on the blog, due to life circumstances and a slew of other shit. When I add that the fact that reblogging news is no’ as much fun as I hoped ‘twould be, it’s apparent I need a bit of a change. Therefore, I’m heading back to the roots of my experiences in video gaming.

Namely, actually PLAYING them.

I’ve probably referenced the fact that my gaming hardware is – shall we say – less than cutting edge. Several years less, to be frank. So instead of trying to get access to the latest MMO beta test or dashing off to drop upwards of fifty smackers on a new FPS, I’m going to be dialing the clock backward.

Pretty far back, most likely.

My vaguely-retro library holds a few PC titles that this crappy desktop can handle, so we’ll be dipping into the archives for our first entry. Most of the games are RPG-heavy, and the current winner is no exception. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the misadventures and mayhem to follow

Without further fanfare, we are happy to present:



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