WildStar Grief, Stage 5.

Acceptance arrived quickly despite the soul-crushing blow dealt to my spirit today. I refer, of course, to the weekend beta code. Apparently the fine print was not read closely by yours truly, for upon the advent of the Auspicious Announcement, it turned out my NCSOFT login no longer allowed me to enter my WildStar account.

What fresh hell is this? WITCHCRAFT, I tell you!

sshot 2014-03-28 13.26.13

But fear not, dear reader, for I have consolation in spades. Well, maybe not spades, but in quantity enough to spare a bit for all. For there is yet more from LAST weekend I have not shared, and I shall do now here and now! Avaunt, ye melancholic humours!

Sorry. Lost myself a bit there. Back to it.

Tradeskills —

There’s tons of good video on W* tradeskills available. I horsed around with Technologist/Relic Hunter and could make some excellent medishots and buffs right away. Go Juice is awesome, by the way. Cheap to make, great for shortening travel time or escaping fights, and stacks vendor for upward of a gold, which will be very helpful come level 14 when you want to afford your house. Resources were extremely plentiful at least at the lower levels (and they should be: low-level unlocks should never have prohibitive usability barriers) and the crafting station became a go-to stop every time I returned to town. The variance system was a blast, although a bit painful to the checkbook.

(For those that don’t know, recipes frequently have variations that are created by paying game-cash to slot in other ingredients. Your one-hit medishot might be able to do its healing over time, or do a series of weaker heals and then one big blast at the end, for instance. It’s gonna cost ya, tho.)

An artificial economy needs sinks to balance currency value, however, and this could be a very effective method.

Lag —

I’ll admit my system isn’t cutting edge. Honestly, I’ve no idea what the average PC gamer’s rig looks like these days, but I’m probably on the low end if anything. I was not expecting flawless framerate with cranked graphics. Besides, it’s beta, for fuck’s sake. Things are going to be glitchy and psycho at times.

But good-god-almighty; people could not accept it. Every time I logged in I bailed out of the Advice channel ASAP just to ditch the tirades. Now, if you’ve got a crazy-ass system that usually eats benchmark software packages for lunch and spits out their skeletonized code fragments, sub-standard performance may not be a common experience for you. Understand one thing, however:

It does not mean a game is crap.

Yes, there were areas that I could barely operate in because my Mordesh was taking a single step every five seconds and then suddenly outrunning his own bullets, or firing assaults into phantom monsters that were not where they appeared to be. And I will ragequit for a good half-hour if I have to try and ride a waterspout up a cliff under severe lag problems again.

But I was still having fun. So suck it, lag — you can’t ruin MY day. Besides, server announcements proved that Carbine was well aware of the state of play and actively working to combat the problems. What more do you Advice channel douchenozzles want?

((Rant disclaimer — the majority of players seemed to be lovely folks who were overjoyed at seeing Nexus firsthand. My ire is directed only at the vocal turdmuffins who monopolized much of the chatbox space.))

Environment —

Love love love the interactive environment. Jumpy-platform ‘shrooms are beautiful things. And the achievement system. Wait, you get LOOT for achievements? Take my non-existent money! Hang on, if I use my scanbot to examine this totem I get a temporary flight form? Ye gods! And just across the river…


You’re still blowing me away, Nexus. Damn.


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