Wild#@%*ingStar Wednesdays

We’ve got a new WildStar trailer.

I love these guys!

Not only is the atmosphere and comedy and passion clearly evident, but this is an excellent summation of all of the key aspects of the game. Seriously. As I was watching it, my internal monologue basically followed this type of line:

“I wonder if they’ll mention – yup, there it is. I hope they don’t forget – nope, they didn’t. Ooo, they should totally talk about – yeah, about that thing there.”

I know I’ve been geeking out on WildStar in most of the posts on this blog, but I’ve generally been a sucker for genre-savvy tongue-in-cheek gaming. I laugh my ass off at lame puns in WarCraft quest titles.  I love the references throughout Team Fortress 2. So for me, the atmosphere of this game is nigh-unto a holy grail for me. I feel like this game is set in the outer limits alien-populated cosmos of Lilo & Stitch.

Also we get details on the philosophy of the Elder Game (yes, I trot that phrase out ALL THE TIME now, because it’s a] cool, b] very indicative of a much-needed change in MMO design paradigm, and c] an apparent Harry Potter reference. Therefore, made of win.) raiding content. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Also, Shoot Many Robots is free on the Google Play store now. I tried it on the Nexus (No, not that Nexus. This Nexus.) and it’s pretty damn fun. Yet again another quirky atmospheric game set in the (apparently) cybertronic-plagued Midwest. With guns! It’s a side-scrolling shooter/platformer that’s easy to get the hang of and difficult to put down. I recommend trying it out. See the “it’s free” bit there?

What’s not to like?


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