WildStar Videos Revealing Inhabitants For Nexus

With the latest release of videos from the gang at Carbine, we have gotten a nice introduction to both factions that will be warring across (and above, and below) the surface of the planet Nexus. While still keeping a few surprises under wraps – the identity of one race per faction has yet to be revealed – the videos give a great representation of how each faction views itself and the others with the characteristic WildStar humor. The Exiles, a plucky gang of freedom-seeking independents, swear that the Dominon is a ruthless bunch of planet-pillaging despots, while the Dominion consider the Exiles to be a plucky SHIFTLESS gang of freedom-seeking UNWASHED independents and claim themselves to be a ruthless STYLISH bunch of planet-pillaging SOPHISTICATED despots.

Tomato, tomahto.

The WildStar website has also had a subtle facelift, providing more info on the individual races, paths, and classes that are currently planned. It’s a bit brief, but definitely worth a look. And if you haven’t seen the Protostar Housing Initiative video, you are missing out – so we’ll include that here as well.

Meet The Dominon:

Meet The Exiles:

Nexus Housing:


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